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Why Self-Publish?

Why Self-Publish?

Back in the 'old world,' traditional publishing was the only way forward and self-publishing was for amateurs who would settle for a lousy book cover when they couldn't get the approval from the Big Five Publishers.

But in the 'new world,' also known as today, traditional publishing has failed to keep up with technology and huge strides in self-publishing.

In truth, the major publishing houses, even small presses, will not do much for you unless you happen to be a former president, a celebrity or some other recognizable name. Other than an advance (usually small) and a deadline, you're pretty much on your own.

The PR and marketing arms of major publishing houses are reserved for major authors, not people like you and me. Yet we have somehow been fed the myth that people are unable to market their own books.

According to Peter Shankman, author of Faster Than Normal, "Every single piece of marketing for my latest book was done and paid for by me, and in the end, it was years of carefully cultivating my audience that allowed me to reach #1 in across all the Amazon categories in which I was listed. I’d worked for several months before the book launched, teasing it, promoting it, building the website for it, offering freebies if it was pre-ordered, and laser focusing on my audience to promote my book in such a way that it would blow up on launch day. The publisher didn’t do any of that for me."

With online self-publishing such as Amazon and IngramSpark, as well as many other “do-it-yourself” book creation tools out there, you no longer need the distribution capabilities yourself. They’re all available for the taking if you know where to look. And the truth is, all marketing and distribution capabilities are within your reach without a publisher and without laying out the big bucks. Whether you want to print-on-demand or buy a thousand copies to take on your next speaking circuit, the choice is yours.

All the tools you need to self-publish are available to you right here at Booktiq.

We will give you one-on-one, bespoke, tailored service for the exact needs of your project and we have a team of ghostwriters, editors, copyeditors, book designers, marketing and PR professionals to back you up and walk with you every step of the way from concept to book launch and continued marketing.

The best part? You get to keep the majority of your profits yourself, you own your copyright, and you get to choose your own book cover. Try executing that deal with a major publishing house!

So…what are you waiting for?